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Care & Learning

Stepping Stones Creche/Nursery

Proprietor: N.J.JAMES


  • Aims & Objectives:

The Nursery is planned with development of the ‘whole’ child as our prime consideration. We put safety and care on the top of our agenda with regular risk assessments being carried out. We aim for staff and parents to be working as a team supporting one another. We want to ensure that all children have a sensitive transition from home to Nursery, with every child feeling safe, comfortable and happy at our Nursery.

 We aim to create an environment where children have the opportunities to develop socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally. We want parents to feel secure in this knowledge.

 Our aim is to provide a secure happy environment in a friendly relaxed atmosphere whilst recognizing the importance of pre-school years, therefore providing a wealth of opportunities for children to play and interact with one another.

 Understanding the United Nations Convention On The Rights Of A Child and its importance to Stepping Stones.

 We encourage the children to foster a healthy curiosity in all areas – we want children to ask “what for”, “what if”, “why”, “when” etc. We value play as the work of children.

 In order to succeed as learners, children learn most effectively when practitioners and Parents/Carers work together.

 Children should have access to practical meaningful learning experiences which are present in a play-based context.

  • Safety

All legal requirements are met. Insurance, Pat Testing, gas checks, fire alarms and equipment in place and checked, TV license, etc. are all in place. All Policies & Procedures are regularly monitored, updated and adhered to. All staff are CRB checked. Regular Risk Assessments are carried out and Health & Safety regulations are adhered to at all times. We are in a contract with an Employment Law / Health & Safety Consultancy.

  • Introduction:

This nursery has been specifically set up for use as a day nursery. The nursery has four separate units.

Tiny Turtle Unit

Cute Caterpillars Unit

Big Butterflies Unit

The Shooting Stars

Even though the nursery is quite big, by providing four separate units, we are able to keep the care of each child on a personal basis.

For this reason each unit has a Senior Management Team in place, who takes pride and responsibility for ensuring quality of care in their own unit.

Each unit/team has a:

Room Leader/Deputy Manager

Senior Nursery Nurse

A member of staff on an A pay allowance grade

Together with nursery nurses and nursery assistants

 Also employed:

Responsible Individual/Proprietor


Head Chef

Office Manager/Secretary


We also have very well established and strong relationships with surrounding colleges, supporting and assisting students with their training.

  • Tiny Turtle Unit:

14m x 6m = 84msq

The Tiny Turtle Unit is on the upper floor level and provides its own entrance door, along with a fire escape, allowing two means of escape from the building.

Facilities in the Unit:



1 staff toilet and wash hand basin

Nappy changing area

Feeding area

Messy play area

Main play room

Sensory corner

Soft play area

Storage cupboard

The Tiny Turtle Unit provides a facility for 3 young babies and 12 children under 2 years old, equaling a total of 15 children.

These children are split into two groups ensuring children less than 2 years old are not looked after in more than groups of 12.


  • Cute Caterpillars Unit:

 14m x 6m = 84msq – main room

4m x 5m = 20msq – conservatory extension

The Cute Caterpillar Unit is on the ground floor and provides its own entrance door, but can be exited from two separate areas, allowing two means of escape from the building.

Facilities in the Unit:

Passage area for children’s coats

Storage cupboard

2 children sized toilets and wash hand basins

1 staff toilet and 1 hand wash basin

Nappy changing area

Storage facilities


A separate room used for quiet activities, which is also used as a bedroom

A TV area also used as a resting area

Main play room

Eating area

Messy play area

The Cute Caterpillar Unit provides a facility for 8 children 2 years old and 12 children under 2 years old, equaling a total of 20 children.

These children will be split into two groups according to age. Children under 2 years old will not be cared for in groups of more than 12 children.

  • Big Butterflies Unit:

 12.5m x 12.5m = 156.5msq

The Big Butterflies Unit is a purpose built nursery unit and provides its own entrance door, but can be exited from two separate areas, allowing two means of escape from the building.

Facilities in the Unit:


3 children sized toilets and wash hand basins

Separate adult wash hand basin

Laundry room


Separate staff toilet and wash hand basin

Staff room

1x craft room, with a sink unit, where all messy activities can take place

1x numeracy room

1x language room

The numeracy and language rooms are used for sleep and rest times

Main room – divided into two sections; Lino area – used for eating area and table top activities. Carpeted area used for play activities

3 large storage cupboards

Passage area for coats and children’s bags and storage of outdoor equipment

The Big Butterflies Unit provides a facility for 8 children over 3 years old and 20 children 2 years old, equaling a total of 28 children.

These children are split into groups, ensuring that children will not be cared for in groups of more than 26 children.

  • Outdoor Areas:

Pirate Island: This is a covered area, suitable for use in all weather conditions. This area comes with it’s own ship wheel, pirate chest and pirate dressing up costumes. We provide sand and water play in this area, together with painting easels. This area can be adapted for various other activities to take place.

Play House: The house is equipped with play kitchen and utensils, picnic tables, dolls, prams, hoovers, etc. This house is used for role play activities.

Tunnel Area: Built in, under growing beds for exploring.

Construction Area:  Once again this is a covered area, making it suitable for use in all weather conditions. This area is equipped with a very large sand tray, with diggers, trucks and building tools.

Fire Station Area: Equipped with it’s own fire bell, fire engines and dressing up clothes.

Play Park: Climbing Frame, slides, story corner, wooden train, wooden ship, music area.

Growing Area: We have very large growing pods, where children enjoy planting flowers and vegetables and watching them growing.

Yard Area:  A large yard area which allows plenty of room for outdoor play. The open garage and car wash area stores the cars, bikes, scooters, footballs etc.

There are several chalk boards allowing for mark making whilst outdoors.

For safety – all areas are separated.

Pram Bay: This bay allows parents to leave their pushchairs/prams if required.

Car Park: We provide a large private car park, with speed restrictions in place and signed designated drop off and collection points. Each unit has its own entrance where children can be dropped off and collected. Employees have designated car spaces along with room for visitor parking.

  • Office Area:

5m x 10m = 50msq

Separate office block with reception/waiting area

3 separate offices

1 Responsible Individual

1 Deputy Manager

1 Office Manager/Secretary

1 Accountant

1 toilet and wash hand basin

1 kitchen area

Staff can also use this area for their breaks

Stockroom for storage of all cleaning facilities

Storage of toys and equipment for regular rotation

Children’s and Staff Library area

Activities provided:

Suitable activities are planned to meet the age range of the children. We work to areas of Birth-3 Matters and areas of EYFS. We encourage child led and structured adult led activities.

Routines are planned in each unit to meet the ages and needs of children.

Language(s) used: We are an English speaking nursery with Welsh being used and encouraged.

  • Terms & Conditions:
  1. We take children on a full or part-time basis.
  2. Hours of opening are as follows: Monday-Friday 0715-1800hrs.
  3. Closed Bank Holidays.
  4. Closed 1 week over the Christmas Period.
  5. Fees to be paid 4 WEEKS IN ADVANCE
  6. One month advanced notice of holiday results in a reduction of fees.
  7. Fees are incurred in full if children are away ill.
  8. We have an operational plan in place.
  9. All Policies & Procedures along with the Inspection Report are available for viewing at Reception/Office.
  10. The Statement of Purpose will be kept under review and revised as appropriate. Where practicable the CIW will be notified of any revision.

Age Range:

6 weeks to 5 years old.

  • Number of children:

Currently registered for 79 


A policy is in place. We have specially designed and printed forms together with an Information Pack/File in place, covering all aspects of the nursery in greater depth. Included in the Information Pack is a Contract, which acts as a legally binding document between the Nursery and the Parents/Guardians. All information is collected prior to any child enrolling with us. Files are updated throughout a child’s time at nursery.

  • Contact Details:

Nursery Landline:                01685 884447

Nicola James:                       07891 333 560

Graham James:                    07891 333 508


Website address:       

  • Complaints Procedure:                            Child Protection:

A Complaints Policy is in place.                Child Protection Policies are in place.

  • Emergencies:

Staff are First Aid Trained and will, with written consent, have the right to seek emergency treatment if needed.

  • Animals on the Premises:

We usually keep Goldfish, on occasion we have outside agencies who bring animals for show and tell, in such cases risk assessments are carried out. .


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